About New York Breast Health

New York Breast Health was created to provide exceptional care to both women and men with diseases of the breast.

Our staff includes a breast surgical oncologist with more than 30 years of experience in this field, a medical oncologist with a concentration in breast cancer, and a breast health nurse practitioner who focuses on patient navigation, high-risk patient management, and breast cancer survivorship.

"Dr. Dwight De Risi is a wonderful, kind and thorough doctor. After months of tests, numerous mammography places & other doctors. I finally found Dr. De Risi, he was so gentle and calming. I had to have a surgical biopsy on calcifications, but before he made that decision he had me go to get a stereotactic biopsy at Nassau Radiology (they are also wonderful) , he wanted to be sure that the surgery was 100% necessary before doing it. It was necessary and he and his staff made me feel very calm. The surgery went well and thankfully they came back benign. Dr. Derisi left me with no visible scar. I would recommend him (and have!) to anybody having any sort of breast issues."

KD/Long Beach, NY

"This doctor is truly one of a kind, unique. Very kind, sweet, compassionate, with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Dr. De Risi is very dedicated to his profession and to his patients. He is the real deal, genuine, not full of himself, no airs. Dr. De Risi’s integrity is extremely intact. Spends a great deal of time with you, answers all your questions, puts you at ease. Dr. De Risi was the only doctor who really took the time to think about what was going on with my breast, and came in with a totally different approach than previous doctors. My only regret is that I didn’t know about Dr. De Risi when I was first diagnosed, as I could have avoided a lot of needless aggravation. I truly believe that god pointed me in the direction of Dr. De Risi, and that Dr. De Risi, in turn pointed me in the right direction."

EG/Whitestone, NY

"As anyone with breast cancer knows, it’s critical who will be treating you, as who does can make all the difference between a successful or unsuccessful outcome. With Dr. De Risi, you are in good hands. No other Doctor that I dealt with through this nightmare, could ever measure up to Dr. De Risi’s experience, skill, integrity, standards,warmth and compassion as a human being. No one is more dedicated to helping women with this dreadful disease, than Dr. De Risi. Being in Dr. De Risi’s care, is like being wrapped in a beautiful, silk robe. Thank you Dr. De Risi, you are a noble, kind, highly skilled doctor, and a thoughtful, loving, awesome human being. We all love you."

LMP/Commack, NY