Breast Cancer Support Group

We are excited to announce that based on remarkable patient feedback, we’ve decided to implement a Breast Cancer Monthly Group. As always, our goal is to help patients navigate and cope with the emotions of cancer diagnosis and provide resources to empower them.

The Breast Cancer Monthly Group facilitated by Dr. Janaya Raynor, Wendy Kaplan, RDN, and Dr. Yelda Nouri will be held every second Wednesday of each month at our Lake Success office from 6-7 pm.

This group will discuss the importance of looking at the big picture, focusing largely on various strategies for understanding and utilizing practical information and nutrition material in practical ways. Social connectedness is a key component for thriving, so we hope this will help fulfill the need for emotional and peer support while creating meaningful connections. 

The kick-off meeting will be Wednesday, October 12th, at 6:00 pm. Although the Breast Cancer Monthly Group is based in our Lake Success office, all are welcome to attend. 

Any questions and to RSVP, email or call 631-675-5063 .

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