Dr. David P. Mangiameli

Languages: English

Breast Surgery

Dr. David Mangiameli is a respected board-certified surgical oncologist. His dedicated expertise focuses on enhanced screening for high-risk patients, minimally invasive breast surgery, oncoplastic surgery, and customization of surgery for cancer in women who are universally and intrinsically unique. Dr. Mangiameli feels that there is a wide spectrum of options that lie between lumpectomy and mastectomy. Cancer removal is first and foremost; however, there are commonly more than just two surgical options.

Dr. Mangiameli is adamantly patient-centric. Subsequently, he practices evidence- based medicine with a comprehensive team that includes: medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons, pathologists, and fellowship-trained women’s imagers (radiologists). All cancer patients are discussed at conferences attended by these cancer specialists. There are multiple cancer specialists involved simultaneously and from the beginning. This is why cancer center accreditation is so critical. This level of team involvement is what is required. Dr. Mangiameli’s program is the only accredited cancer center from Patchogue to Montauk and Orient. He has offices in Patchogue, Southampton, and Riverhead. Every site visit of Dr. Mangiameli’s team since 2014 by the American College of Surgeons has resulted in a perfect full accreditation.

Dr. Mangiameli performs all forms of breast and chest wall surgery. This includes minimally invasive breast surgery, complex oncoplastic surgery, chest wall resections and reconstruction, nipple-sparing and traditional mastectomies, sentinel lymph node mapping and biopsy, and full lymph node dissections. Additionally, he collaborates with his plastic surgery colleagues to achieve immediate reconstruction using implants and all forms of autologous flap reconstruction. In addition, he has extensive training and experience in screening and managing women who have high breast cancer risk from genetic mutations and other cumulative risk factors.

He has been a founding program director of a breast cancer center here in Suffolk County since 2014. Dr. Mangiameli has continuously provided the energy and leadership to compel and coordinate these clinical teams. Together they have treated thousands of women according to national guidelines. Additionally, he has been involved in many community outreach programs, including the NYS Cancer Screening Program. He also serves as a Police Surgeon for The New York State Troopers and the Police Surgeons Benevolent Association.

Dr. Mangiameli completed general surgery/trauma residency at The Brooklyn Hospital Center. He additionally completed a fellowship in Surgical Oncology at the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute; a fellowship in Immunotherapy for Cancer also at the National Cancer Institute; and served as the SSO Fellow in Oncoplastic and Oncologic Breast Surgery at Columbia Presbyterian, College of Physicians and Surgeons, in NY.

Dr. Mangiameli has authored clinical and scientific textbook chapters, as well as peer-reviewed journal articles for his original work in genomics and small molecule drug analysis. Additionally, he administered clinical trials at the NIH and is a patent holder.

Dr. Mangiameli is foremost a father of two and also a musician and outdoors sportsman.

Dr Mangiameli has recently fostered a Surgical Mission in Ghana, a significant endeavor that underscores his commitment to global healthcare, which you can read more about in our Newsletter here

Credentials:  DO
Education & Training
   Residency:    The Brooklyn Hospital Center