The beginning of a new chapter

Starting a new chapter after recovering from breast cancer is an all-encompassing journey filled with strength, resilience, transformation, and hope. Whether you just received a breast cancer diagnosis, are navigating breast cancer treatment, or are in remission, we honor where you are in your journey and the new beginnings to come. As we enter a new season this Spring, we’re celebrating growth, renewal, and remission. Embracing your new normal after surviving breast cancer might be overwhelming. You are likely reclaiming a new identity and have a different outlook on life. Breast cancer survivorship might come with its challenges and uncertainties, but it is also filled with hope and happiness. Here’s what to expect during life beyond breast cancer. 

Attending Follow-Up Appointments

The follow-up appointment schedule post-breast cancer treatment varies from person to person, and depends on a variety of factors, including type of cancer, stage of cancer, and cancer treatment type.  

Maintaining a Support System

Having a strong support system through friends, family, your healthcare team, or a support group during and after your breast cancer treatment is pivotal. Connecting with other breast cancer survivors or attending a support group during your new chapter post-breast cancer is also a beneficial option for additional support. 

Making Healthy Lifestyle Changes 

Incorporating daily or weekly exercise into your wellness routine is pivotal for physical and emotional health. Even getting ten minutes of exercise each day can be beneficial. 

Rediscovering Self Image

While you embark on the journey of your “new normal,” give yourself grace as you rediscover your self-image and embrace your evolved sense of self. Be patient with yourself and the changes your mind and body have endured. 

Sharing Your Story

Sharing your story with others can be an empowering and inspiring step you can take as you continue to heal from your breast cancer journey and continue to move forward. 


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