Good Mental Health at Every Stage

At every stage of life, mental health is a critical component that encompasses emotional, psychological, and social well-being. As individuals age, they often encounter life changes that can impact their mental health, with a cancer diagnosis being one such challenge. Recognizing sources of stress becomes paramount, as persistent feelings of grief and isolation may evolve into mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. The good news is that effective treatment options are available to help individuals, including older adults, manage their mental health and enhance their overall quality of life. The initial step towards this support involves recognizing signs and seeking professional healthcare assistance.

“Cancer is just one of the challenges experienced by older patients, who must also confront other illnesses, financial instability post-retirement, increased social isolation due to family losses, and additional complexities, including a heightened risk of medication reactions and concurrent health issues," says Jacqueline Schomber, PsyD, Chief Director of Behavioral Health at New York Cancer & Blood Specialists. "Recognizing these unique challenges is vital when making treatment and care decisions.”

The Wellness Program at New York Cancer & Blood Specialists is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for our patients, with a particular emphasis on aiding our older patients in adapting to their diagnosis and navigating the challenges of the aging process. We offer a wide array of services, including counseling and emotional support, either in person or remotely, transportation assistance for appointments, meal-related support, aid with household activities, caregiving resources, financial assistance covering housing, utilities, and cancer care, as well as opportunities for companionship. Our program is designed to provide comprehensive support, enhancing the overall well-being of our patients throughout their cancer journey.

Many factors influence healthy aging. Some of these, such as genetics, are not in our control. Others — like exercise, a healthy diet, going to the doctor regularly, and taking care of our mental health — are within our reach.

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